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Champions for Children are a dedicated group of educators, municipalities, churches, businesses, community members and organizations working together to meet the fundamental needs of the distressed and underprivileged. Our goal is to help children achieve a higher quality of life and empower them to become caring, productive, responsible citizens.


Join us! Be a champion for children! We need volunteers to help host and sponsor programs, to fundraise and promote programs, staff events, donate provisions clothing, meeting space, supplies, children's books, educational resources, in-kind services or monetary donations.

All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. Please contact us with more details about the level of your support. Thank you!





Readers Promise  is an all-volunteer reading program delivering Education, Enthusiasm, Entertainment and Engagement (E4) via the medium of children’s books. Volunteers donate their time and talent to read aloud and discuss quality literature in public elementary schools each week of the school year. Listening to quality literature being read aloud helps build community in the classroom, enhances reading fluency and comprehension, and inspires lifelong readers.


Be a reader! Training and book lists are provided. We promise lots of unexpected rewards and the most appreciative audience ever!


1. Genuine interest in children's literacy and education

2. Skilled in the art of storytelling

3. Dedicated and reliable

4. Available during the school day

5. Complete volunteer application and background check

6. Attend a volunteer training

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The Writers Promise  program gives children firsthand experience with writing for an authentic purpose. Volunteers correspond to children by post, sharing thoughts and experiences via handwritten letters, stories and poems. Topics range from favorite books and authors to long term aspirations. The process of writing develops children's imagination and enhances reading and communication skills; illustrating letters promotes creativity. Imagination, creativity, and communication are the skills that help children achieve.


Be a writer! Use your creative writing talents to inspire elementary children. Writing prompts and guidelines are provided.


1. Ability to write and provide postage once a month

2. Genuinely interested in youth and literacy development

3. Willing to read and write about age appropriate literature

4. Complete volunteer application and background check

​5. Attend a volunteer training



The Young Authors Program inspires children to become published authors. Under the direction of a Certified Writing Instructor, children conceive, design, write and illustrate  autobiographies, poems, and fictional stories. Each child’s story is professionally published in a hard cover book, complete with photos and a personal biography of the child-author. Finished books are legendary keepsakes children and families may treasure for a lifetime.

The program helps children gain meaningful, firsthand experience with the writing process, from conception to publication. Children learn the value of books and the importance of their own stories while enhancing 

reading and writing proficiency, self-confidence, and communication skills.


Volunteers assist children with all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to editing, to illustrating the cover art for their books. If you have a passion for creative writing, illustrating or publishing, please join us in this worthwhile endeavor! 


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