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Tried and True Testimonials

To Mrs. Loretta and her Elves,

I want to take the time to say thank you for all your organization does for our students at Lake Alfred Elementary. Not only do you make sure the children receive holiday gifts, but you plan a party where the children get the entire Christmas experience with cookies, punch, gifts and Santa Claus himself! I know the parents appreciate the clothing and resources you provide, but there is nothing as cherished as seeing the children's faces light up when they sit on Santa's lap, and he gives them his undivided attention. The children who attend the party leave feeling special and valued. I just want to tell you that your organization is SPECIAL and VALUED! We appreciate all the effort you put into making sure every child in need at our school has a special Christmas. Without you, the holiday experience would be very different for these children. You have touched the lives of not only the children, but also parents and staff members as well who will never forget your generosity and kind spirit. ~Staff of Lake Alfred Elementary

I love when I walk down the halls and the kids run and hug and say we are so glad you are here! With all of the technology in children’s lives today, it is so refreshing to watch their imaginations at work during reading time. They get to create the characters and setting in their minds and then are so willing to openly engage in conversation about what’s happening. You can hear a pin drop while I am reading, and that tells me that reading to children will never go out of style! I read chapter books that are 7 AR points so this is important to them for educational reasons. But also, they relax, have fun listening, get to comment about characters and their choices, express their own opinions about the story, and mostly be reminded of the joy in simple storybook reading.


Being a volunteer reader is exhilarating! It keeps my communication skills sharp and keeps me youthful in perspective and demeanor. The times when a child speaks a “gem” or enlightens me on a subject, or shares deep feelings or insights, these are the highlights. I get so much joy, peace, challenge, and awareness of the awesomeness of youth from this program. It gives me hope for the future.


I love the exposure to an expanded repertoire of children’s literature and the interaction with bright, inquisitive kids and their teachers. The students get new stories, new information, and old stories retold in a different way. I look forward to meeting a new batch of personalities each year.


The children are always enthusiastic about me coming into the classroom. I shared books that coordinate with the teacher's curriculum. I dressed as a pilgrim for a Thanksgiving Feast and as Mrs. Claus for a Christmas party. These were very special experiences for me and the children. Any chance I get to encourage children to read, to give them books and help them learn, is rewarding for me.

~Mary Anne

It is so much fun writing and receiving letters from students. I enjoy telling them about good books, and I read the books they recommend. I especially enjoyed Ramon, who told me all about his dog and how he cares for him. I love being able to connect with elementary school children again. I’ve missed them since I’ve retired from teaching.


My students learned to be more fluid in their writing skills and increased their self-confidence, knowing that someone else cared. They made substantial gains in their reading fluency according to Dibbles testing. They also achieved the highest scores in Dibbles testing among the entire grade! My students couldn’t wait to see if they received mail each day. They enjoyed sharing their letters with me and with each other. Even the quiet, shy students came out of their shell to share. These are all positive results.

~Mrs. Utter, 4th Grade Teacher

I enjoy everything about this writing program. My students write more because they have someone who cares and writes back to them. Anytime students get an opportunity to interact with educated adults who speak and write proper, it’s a good thing! You have exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t ask for more. Many volunteers visited my class this year. Some even read aloud and mentored students. The children loved it. Thank you!

~Ms. Sko, 5th Grade Teacher

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