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2024 Programs and Events

Writers Promise program volunteers recently gathered for a meet and greet where they met their student writers in person and shared some Shel Silverstein poetry! Writing supplies and books were donated to each student. Many thanks to all of our writing volunteers who make this program possible! Writing letters to an authentic audience is one of the most valuable and pleasurable experiences beginning writers can have. Writing develops children’s imagination and enhances reading and communication skills; illustrating letters promotes creativity. Imagination, creativity, and communication are the skills that help children achieve.  

Writers Promise students receive books gifted by FFK. Students and volunteers read and write about books, favorite characters, moral of the story, plot, setting, and more! Some even write their own stories back and forth!

Some of our wonderful Writers Promise volunteers!

A Writers Promise student reads poetry to volunteers and classmates.

FFK's Readers Promise program gifted children high quality books to build their home libraries and to inspire more reading at home.

FFK Volunteers participate in the Lake Alfred Christmas Parade!


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