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Writers Promise 2022-23

Sharpen your pencils! The Writers Promise program will kick off this October with two classes of 4th graders in Orlando. Trained literacy volunteers use creative writing talents to develop a monthly correspondence with elementary school students who share their thoughts and experiences about books and life via handwritten letters, stories, poems, book reviews, and vocabulary puzzles. Writing prompts and guidelines are provided for both students and volunteers to complement the 4th grade curriculum.

Writing programs are critical in this age of texting and instagramming, when students have fewer opportunities to chronicle their experiences in thoughtful, polished prose. There is undeniable charm in receiving a handwritten letter in the mailbox. It is a treat and a treasure unparalleled by any other form of communication. The Writers Promise program isn’t just reviving the lost art of letter writing; it’s nurturing vital communication skills, and, in its own unique way, preserving the art of humanity.

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